Management Policies

1. If any user complains about any admin or RJ, nobody is authorized to take any action on spot except the higher authority. It will be further discussed and evaluated by the owner and outcome will be decided.

2. Team members are not allowed to keep any personal relationships with each other, hence to avoid problems during responsibility sharing. This rule should be strictly followed as failure to this can be lead to cancelling of admin rights as well as RJs may not be able to continue their shows.

3. If any admin or RJ is in conversation with any user, nobody is allowed to kick or ban to that user. Any actions can be taken only by the same admin who will be in conversation with that user.

4. If one admin notice that any situation has not been dealt properly by other admin they can take shots of the conversation to report Co-ordinator. but no admin is allowed to comment other admin’s action on main. Moreover, you can let him/her know in private message but only if you have friendly relationship with that admin.

5. No team member can interfere in the responsibilities of other team mates except the owner who can restrict the rights of any admin at any point.

6. In case of any complaint among RJs and Admins. Please speak with co-ordinator. If you believe that you are not treated fairly by the co-ordinator, then you can approach to the owner. But you cannot by pass co-ordinator without any reason.

7. All RJs need to conduct their shows on their scheduled time slot, if anybody likes to do a show other than their time slot they need to confirm from Scheduler in advance about the time slot they wish to choose.

8. If any RJ will not be able to conduct his/her show then he/she must inform the Scheduler in advance. In case of five regular absences, questions can be asked and if the answers are not satisfactory, he/she might be revoke from RJ position.
9. No RJ is allowed to do any caller show with out informing Managenent. Plus, if anybody wants to change time slot from his/her scheduled time please ask atleast before an hour of show. As other timings are allocated for Demos and other activities.
10. If any Admin/RJ leaves skype group and any admin deletes his/her admin access without any prior notice or acknoledgment then he/she will not be added again without any appropriate reason.